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Prussia x Reader~ Creep
Staring at my ceiling definitely wasn’t a waste of time. Unfortunately I had nothing else to do. Well, that and check my phone every five minutes. A certain Prussian had been ignoring my calls all day. I was pretty sure I hadn’t done anything to offend Gilbert (or his ego) and he hadn’t told you that he would be doing anything this weekend.
This worried me, probably more than it should. You see, ever since the Prussian had decided to grab my ass, during a world meeting mind you, and I had decided to happily reciprocate by soaking his pants in pen ink, the Prussian and I had been inseparable. Or so I thought.
Usually he returned my calls immediately, or at least sent me a message of some sort. Maybe I was just thinking too much. I groaned and flipped over on my side to look at my alarm clock.
The clock read the date as February 25.
I had completely forgotten.
Today was the anniversary of the Prussian Dissolution. And from what I had heard, it usually hit Gil hard
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::Prussia X Reader:: Meine Liebe
Today was a different day.
I was sitting in my desk, typing things on my computer, when the class room door opened. I looked up, our teacher standing up at the front of the class. Then a boy, my age, walked in.
His hair was a mess, really. It was silver, pieces of hair over top of eachother. His eyes were magenta, and really.. well, beautiful. His skin was pale white, and an idiotic smile was spread on his lips.
"Students, this is our new transfer student. His name is Gilbert Beilschmidt, he moved all the way from.. what was it again?"
"Germany." The teacher looked at Gilbert, "You may take a seat any where you like, Gilbert." He nodded, and slapped the teacher on the back.
"Danke, Teach." He winked, then started to find a seat... And of course, he took the empty one beside me. I blinked, and looked at my computer screen blankly. He looked so
familiar.. Like I'd seen him before. He turned to me, the same smile on his face. "Hallo! I'm zhe awesome Gilbert!~" I blinked, tilt
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I'll Rent You for a Night. - England x Reader.
"So he basically wants you to have a girlfriend," the American spoke, sitting in front of his closest - a Brit with thousands of troubled running across his faded mind. "before giving you that ton of money."
The British man didn't speak a sound, but the American knew exactly the situation and the solution. "Well, I do have an idea on what you can do." Green eyes trailed up in interest. "Rent a girl."
"Rent?" The blue eyed boy nodded. "Are you kidding you bloody git!?" The Englishman grabbed his collar.
"Get off me, dude! So not cool!"
Arthur, the Englishman released his collar tie. "I'm serious, dude. Just rent a girl and rehearsal a script. It's not that hard. Then once you get the money, you pay her and that's that."
Arthur rethought. It wasn't a bad idea. Not bad at all. "Where do you find these t-things, wanker?"
"Anywhere. But first! You have to interview them, and do background checks. You won't want some serial killer in your house, right?"
"Alfred, I cannot believe yo
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Rhiannon Stough
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I live in Lawler IA.I have blond hair and blue eyes. I love anime and manga.


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